Monday, 18 May 2015

Mid Week Visit to Tiananmen Square

On Sunday Henri, K and a colleague and I wondered down to Tiananmen Square after Yum Cha on a slightly smoggy day and without Oliver and William who made their own way back to the apartment as neither was feeling 100%.

Being a weekend, the square was packed and it felt at times that we were there along with 20 of Beijing's 25 million inhabitants.  I tried (but failed due to fumbling iPhone fingers) to take a photo that would have been a classic - an old Chinese guy wearing a t-shirt with a well known Dead Kennedy's song title on it standing in front of the big painting of Mao.  Next time.

Anyway, with a gorgeous day on Tuesday, I thought a lightning visit there, via the subway, was in order - to catch William up as it were.  The sky was clearer and the crowds slightly less with maybe more obvious tourists but William and I enjoyed it.

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