Sunday, 20 March 2016

Flash Cars

As someone who gets around on an old bicycle and has always owned pretty utilitarian cars back in Australia, I can still be awed by the machines one sees in Beijing.

Dream Car

Beijing Lines

Hutong Detail

The atmospheric old alleyways of Beijing are not easy to capture.  And they don't always stand up well to restoration either.  But every now and again you find one that is just right.  And then you have to feel like breaking the diegesis and taking photos.  Sometimes its the small details that capture the feel the best.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016


So, now by both calendars, Chinese and Western, winter is over.  One down, one more to go for me, two more for K - well that's the current plan.  With my Chinese improving we are planning to do a bit of looking around later in the year which will be great.

In the meantime, some final photos of the last days of a record cold winter in Beijing.

Final few days of skating before the thaw I suspect

Spring window cleaning

All pruned and ready - just add leaves